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Donor Stories

A Legacy of Love and Service

Paul and Margaret Harrington

Pastor Paul ’67 and Margaret Harrington find fulfillment in supporting the ministry of Concordia College through multiple giving tools. Read More

Meeting the Need of Furture Cobbers

Fay Ferguson

Fay Ferguson ’73 saw the need and took action by creating the Diversity Student Endowed Scholarship. Watch Fay share her perspective on being a student of color, why making college more affordable is important to her and more. Watch the Video

Look for the Helpers

John and Linda Ellingboe

Concordia alumnus John Ellingboe '69 and Linda Ellingboe heed the advice of Mr. Rogers and help others in need through IRA giving and the Student Success and Retention Fund. Read More

More Than a Conductor

Wilts family

Read the heartwarming story of one family's connection to The Concordia Choir and how they are honoring the retiring conductor through a named endowment. Read More

A Trajectory in News, Politics, Business and Philanthropy

Tammy Lee

When Tammy Lee '93 started college at Concordia, she never imagined her liberal arts education would take her through so many different careers—and lead to a gift in her estate. Read More

A Life of Adventure and Education

Karen Bjornson Shepard

Karen Bjornson Shepard is an adventurous woman. Not long after graduating from Concordia College in 1960, her husband, Lee, was offered an engineering position in the oil industry in Aruba, Netherlands Antilles. With two young children in tow, she was ready to go. Read More

Win-Win-Win Situation for Professor Emeritus Ernie and Marti Simmons

Ernie and Marti Simmons

When Ernie Simmons competed in a debate in 9th grade biology on evolution versus creation, you'd think the pastor and religion professor would have been on the side of creation. Not the case. After winning the debate for evolution, his classmates called him an atheist. Read More

Learning a Lesson and Leaving a Legacy

Jan Bilden

Concordia College alumna and seasoned educator Jan Bilden '73, recently learned an important lesson that will impact others for years to come. When Jan's mother passed away, she and her three siblings had a daunting task ahead of them: clean out and sell their parents' home of 55 years and determine the value and distribution of their assets. Read More

Sharing the Harvest

Becky and Paul Grothe

"Before we were married, I knew he wanted to farm again," reminisces Becky Grothe, about her husband, Paul Grothe (class of 1976). Read More

The Joy of Giving

Roland and Sherry Martinson

Dr. Roland and Sherry Martinson, St. Paul, Minnesota, model the joy of giving through years of service, advocacy and financial support to Concordia College. Read More

Giving Is Supporting His Concordia 'Family'

David Wee

For David Wee '68, giving to Concordia is about more than just donating to his alma mater—it's about taking care of family. Read More

Living a Life of Impact

Mary and Kendall Lawson

Before they married, Mary (Anderson) Lawson and her husband, Ken, corresponded primarily by mail. With each letter they wrote, they established joint values and a plan for their life together: Decide on your principles and work on those. Don't quit. Read More

Generosity's Ripple Effect

Linda Lutter

Linda Lutter's experience at Concordia was life-changing. She wants future students to have those same opportunities. Read More

The Value in Giving to Concordia

Ada and Hiram Drache

It doesn't take a Concordia degree to see the value in giving to Concordia. This is clearly displayed through Hiram and Ada Drache. Read More

Committing to Concordia

Mary and Tom Lidahl

It takes a special kind of person to brave the Fargo-Moorhead winters. One must show a great deal of commitment to the area. Tom '68 and Mary Lidahl show commitment to their hometown of Plentywood, Montana, their winter home in Fargo, and to Concordia College. Read More

A Family of Cobbers

In the midst of endless classes, labs and study sessions, students at Concordia find time to make friendships and connections that impact their entire life. Read More

Supporting the College Dream for the Next Generation

Mary and Tom Lidahl

Having recently updated their will, Lisa and Steve Sethre-Hofstad began thinking about what institutions really made an impact on their life. Concordia quickly came to mind. For the couple, it was an easy decision to include the college in their will. Read More

Giving Matters at Concordia

Christine Bellefeuille and Ted Olson

Without Concordia, the Rev. Christine Bellefeuille '82 and Ted Olson '82 wouldn't be where they are today, and they show their thanks in any way possible. Read More

Perfect Place to Receive Gifts

Morey Family

Giving is just a part of the DNA of Mark '91 and Hiedy '91 Morey, and their connection to Concordia makes it the perfect place to receive their gifts. The values and skills they were taught directly reflect into their everyday lives. Read More

Life at Concordia in the Eyes of Lyle and Joan Rich

Lyle and Joan Rich

"Welcome to you. I'm a prehistoric Cobber," says Lyle '54 to the prospective student with an admissions folder in hand. Concordia has always meant so much to Joan '54 and Lyle Rich, and a "rich" life they have had since coming to Concordia. Read More

Concordia Connections

Wendy Ward

The cats were out. Concordia was in. During an estate planning session, my lawyer was sympathetic but firm: Do not leave your annuity funds to your cats. It gets complicated. Find other beneficiaries instead. Read More

Education Is the Best Investment

Gary and Tammy Laurent

As a financial advisor for Edward Jones, Tammy Laurent '88 knows well the importance of good planning. Read More

Music, Faith and Science Intersect In Couple's Gift

Phyllis and Dr. Homer Rovelstad

An appreciation for the arts, faith and the sciences have provided much joy for Phyllis Stenehjem Rovelstad '45 and Dr. Homer Rovelstad. Read More

Concordia Transforms Couple's Lives

Gerald '58 and Lois '59 Olsen have fond memories of Concordia. Gerald toured Norway with The Concordia Choir under the direction of Paul J. Christiansen and the experience proved to be life-changing. Read More