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Education Is the Best Investment

Gary and Tammy Laurent '88 are investing in the future of education at Concordia.

Gary and Tammy Laurent '88 are investing in the future of education at Concordia.

As a financial advisor for Edward Jones, Tammy Laurent '88 knows well the importance of good planning.

She has observed too many people who postpone decisions regarding their estates. Delaying too long can mean that resources don't support what the benefactor has believed in.

"I don't want my estate to go to heirs to be hoarded," she says. "I want it to do good in the world, to make changes in the world, to bring more responsibly educated people into the world."

She and her husband, Gary, have included Concordia in their will and estate plans.

Tammy appreciates Concordia's emphasis on entrepreneurism and ethics. As a student, she learned that making a profit to benefit others is a good thing. It's a lesson she carries with her today.

She wants to support the education of people who are called to go into the world to improve the lives of others.

She also wants her peers to realize that it is later than they think. There's no time like now to finish making estate-planning decisions.

"If I could choose to give to an heir money to buy a new boat or give to someone to get an education—I know which one I would choose," she says.

Make a Difference for Students

If you would like to help more students receive a Concordia education, consider making a planned gift through your estate. There are many ways to give and many gifts can benefit you as well. Contact Trina Hall at 218.299.3445 or [Email] today, to learn more.