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A Family of Cobbers

In the midst of endless classes, labs and study sessions, students at Concordia find time to make friendships and connections that impact their entire life.

Dr. Brad Swingdorf '74 specifically remembers all-night poker and bridge tournaments with his friends on third floor East Complex, his first home away from home. The friendships he made early on made a big impression on his four years at Concordia.

As a biology major, Brad's time was consumed with science labs, lectures and study groups. It was through those study groups that he made some of the best connections. He explains, "When you're under distress with others, you tend to depend on them a lot."

Brad is proud to wear his '74 Cobber ring. "If someone has that Cobber ring, you aren't afraid to talk to them. Concordia is a place that sticks with you for a long time," he says as an alumnus and also a Cobber parent. He even considers his wife, Teresa, to be an honorary Cobber. The two were proud to send their two boys, Aaron '06 and Adam '08, to Concordia.

Brad and Teresa wanted to give back and allow Concordia to continue working in the student's lives.

"The biggest reason my wife and I both give is we have strong feelings about what the college has done for me and my children. I want Concordia to continue to succeed with producing quality young adults," he says.

Being a member of his 40th reunion giving team, Brad was able to ask his classmates to give back. He enjoyed this opportunity and encourages others to get involved.

Support Future Cobbers

To learn about the many different ways you can show your appreciation for Concordia and help provide a quality education to future students, contact Trina Hall at or 218.299.3445.