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Living a Life of Impact

Mary '65 & Kendall Lawson

Mary '65 & Kendall Lawson

Before they married, Mary (Anderson) Lawson and her husband, Ken, corresponded primarily by mail. With each letter they wrote, they established joint values and a plan for their life together: Decide on your principles and work on those. Don't quit.

It's a philosophy that has played out well in many areas of their lives, including finances. Little by little, they set funds aside. "We started something, let it sit, and over time, it grew," Mary says. Their diligence pays off as they now decide how best to distribute their estate.

"It needs to support the Lord's work," Mary says. "It's really no more complicated than that."

Mary appreciates the education she received at Concordia. She also loves that her daughter, Susan, a 1997 graduate, thrived at the college.

"It's good to support places that are good financial stewards and blessed by the Lord," she says. "Soli deo Gloria."

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