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Perfect Place to Receive Gifts

Mark '91 and Hiedy '91 Morey Give to Concordia

Morey Giving is just a part of the DNA of Mark '91 and Hiedy '91 Morey, and their connection to Concordia makes it the perfect place to receive their gifts. The values and skills they were taught directly reflect into their everyday lives.

From studying abroad to singing in choir, Mark and Hiedy lived full collegiate lives. On campus, Hiedy was Mark's Spanish tutor.

"It was the worst grade of my college career, but the best outcome," Mark laughs.

The two had a "tour fling" on a Chapel Choir tour in Minnesota during their sophomore year.

Mark recalls the many May Seminars he travelled with: "I went in thinking ‘Europeans drive on the wrong side of the side.' I went out thinking, ‘No, they drive on a different side of the road."

This mindset continues to stand as Mark's way of thinking.

The couple was successful after graduating, both excelling in their careers. Hiedy is a Spanish teacher and Mark is the President of Farmer John's.

"When you do well and have kids, you start to plan and put wills together. When we put ours together we decided to give right back to Concordia," Mark says.

"College is a business and at the end of the day it needs to remain competitive. That's why we have programs (Founders Society) like this," says Mark.

The businessman sees immense value in supporting the college through any means possible.

"We really grew up," Mark says about their time at Concordia, "For those who have done well, planned giving is a great opportunity."

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

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