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The Value in Giving to Concordia

Ada and Hiram Drache

Ada and Hiram Drache

It doesn't take a Concordia degree to see the value in giving to Concordia. This is clearly displayed through Hiram and Ada Drache.

Hiram graduated from Gustavus Adolphus and is a professor emeritus of history at Concordia and current historian-in-residence. He says that giving is part of a simple mindset. "I wanted to repay Concordia for every dollar I earned while teaching here," Hiram says.

The two were raised in unselfish, giving households, and it never occurred to them to do anything but just that. "It seemed like every time we accumulated money, we gave it to a charity," Ada says.

In the early 1970s, Hiram and Ada purchased a farm, and, with the help of a friend, they were able to make the down payment. They bought the farm to specifically donate back to Concordia College in the future. In 1990, after paying off the contract, the farm went straight to the college. The proceeds were used to endow a chair of history and began a long list of gifts to the college from the Draches.

Hiram tells others that all gifts count: "It's such a simple mindset. Smaller gifts are worth it!" Saving in order to give is a common practice in the Drache household. "If you need to save, cut back on spending. Saving in the long term allows you to give," Hiram says.

Today, Hiram and Ada live just a few blocks from campus. Hiram still works in the library and walks every day. Hiram recently published a new book on organic farming. The couple enjoy time at various campus activities and visiting with students whenever there is a chance.